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We love computers!

On that basis, we have the last 15 years worked hard to offer cost powerful computers, without sacrificing performance. Although the hardware has been in constant development since 1999, and we as a company has repeatedly grown out of our physical locations, so the mission has not changed.

We will be the largest and best computer manufacturer, focused on providing solutions for individual customer needs, and with a user experience that reflects the technological development.

Whether you need a desktop or laptop, whether you use it for office use, games, graphic work or the workhorse in a development environment, then we have a suggestion for a solution at a reasonable price, without sacrificing performance.

Brand Bible employs more than 25 employees in sales, production, service department and warehouse. We provide computers, workstations, servers, etc. to a wide range of customers, private and public, and for every conceivable purpose. We are the preferred choice of many developers, photographers, playing geeks and not least ordinary users. We believe yourself to this trust due to our efforts to always provide credible guidance, combined with products that are composed with the goal of a good user experience.

To ensure we are always at the forefront of the latest technologies, we work closely with major suppliers in the PC industry, and with a number of them achieved the highest possible partner status. This ensure both that we are always updated on the latest technologies and products, but is also a signal to our customers that we take our partners seriously, and they take us seriously.

Do you have unanswered questions, praise or criticism, please contact us. You can write, call or visit us at our store.


Vision B-Series laptops

vision b-series laptops
B-Series is our thin and light notebooks, with a focus on good battery life without compromising performance. All laptops in B-Series comes with fast Intel CPUs, SSD and plenty of RAM. B-series is recommended for anyone who needs a fast laptop, but not required a dedicated graphics card for gaming.

Vision G-Series laptops

vision g-series laptops
G-series consists of light and powerful laptop computers, but still with a dedicated Nvidia graphics card. G-Series is ideal when mobility is given high priority, combined with the possibility of moderate playing games, or other graphical tasks. G-series is often recommended as a quick study laptop.

Vision X Series laptops

X-Series is our wildest laptops, and the right choice if you want a laptop for gaming, without compromising performance. X-Series is configured with Quad-Core CPU, SSD and the latest GTX graphics card from Nvidia, and is therefore designed for users with high demands on performance.

Vision Computers

Vision Series is for those who want the most performance for the money. Here is not spent extra money on the possibility of overclocking. This series is right for most ordinary users. Ranging from office machines to powerful gaming machines.

Vision Plus Computers

Vision Plus series offers the opportunity to play with overclocking, and provides multiple expansion slots into force of motherboards with Z87 chipset. The series is aimed at the more experienced user who wants the opportunity to fine-tune its system itself, or have an extra need for expansion cards.

Vision Workstation Computers

Workstations are our professional workstations targeted at business customers with an extra need for processing power, RAM and data security.

X-One Computers

X-One series machines we have built in advance and are ready for collection or dispatch. The machines have a locked configuration, and can therefore not available with external accessories.