Best smartphone right now

How does the Iphone 7 stand against the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Oneplus 5? The most powerful competitors are currently making up for the throne.

During almost every month there will be a whole host of new exciting smart phones in Swedish store shelves, and of course, as a test here with us.

 Which mobile should you buy?

What is the best smart phone right now? It's time to gather together all the hottest and best smartphone models and see how they stand opposite each other. In this comparative test, we put mobiles from all major manufacturers against each other. Including:

  • Apple

  • Samsung

  • Asus

  • HTC

  • Huawei

  • LG

  • Sony

  • Xiaomi

  • With several

In other areas, manufacturers are also taking an interesting step forward, including music players, where high definition sound and better headphone amplifiers have begun to emerge in a number of. It's even more exception than rule, but we really like that ball now in rolling. At the same time, other manufacturers solve the noise question differently, skipping the headphone jack completely and mean that you are now driving wirelessly.

We also see a clear improvement in wireless communications. The phones have got the so-called mimo technology in the wifi receivers and get better and better 4g performance overall compared to one or two years ago. Given that multiple phones have amazing 1440p monitors and because high resolution video becomes more common on the web, just quick connectivity in all modes can be gold worth.

In the startup field, we will find an exciting range of phones that stand out in different ways. We have focused on the newest and best model from each manufacturer who currently has premium-class models. In addition, we have chosen to bring a pair of older phones tested earlier this or last year. We take this freedom because they are still so good and popular, but differ enough from their newer siblings.

These are phones that we tested on different occasions. So think of a review and ratings are a fresh produce. An older phone may have been hit by a newer competitor, or a good first impression has not lasted for long. Sometimes they may have improved over time, with software updates and reduced price. Here we have updated with current product facts and prices. There will be many eights, nines and recommendations. These are generally good gadgets, and you can decide which criteria are important to you.

 Then we did the test

The phones were tested again after any system updates. Connection was made to a home network with 802.11ac wifi as well as to a Telenor mobile subscription. The phones performance was measured with Antutu Bechmark 6 and 3dmark Ice Storm Unlimited, and was manually judged by navigating web pages in the phone's default browser and handling large pdf files. The battery life was measured in three modes: 1080p video playback over wifi at maximum brightness, office jobs and web surfing via 4g of 50 percent brightness, and conversations over 3g.