Knowledge is Power

It has long been a miss for a good game of knowledge on PlayStation. Ever since the Buzz era, this has been inadequate, even though Trivial Pursuit has tried several more. The biggest challenge these games have had against Buzz is the lack of good game controllers. The new PlayLink system for PlayStation has missed after the old print controls are gone. Being able to use your smartphone or tablet to deliver answers makes things much easier than having more expensive hand controllers.

Knowledge is Power utilizes these new controls well, but not perfect. I've already seen what PlayLink can do with the game That's You. Drawing on the phone or tablet means that the possibilities for multiple types of questionnaire are present, but this is not utilized in the latest knowledge game. Someone will certainly appreciate this and enjoy simple ways to answer questions. I would love to see it a bit more challenging.

Having said that, Knowledge's Power has tried to make its own little twist on it all. For example, I can beat an ice-lump on one of my opponents, which means they must break the ice on the right answer before they choose it. This means that it takes longer to respond than to those of us who do not have obstacles in front of them, which in turn can reflect how many points everyone gets.

The very concept and the animations are very similar to the aforementioned Buzz, and it works perfectly for me. I do not need it to be so innovative at all times as long as the old works as well as it does.

The questions you get in Knowledge is Power is very varied, but I hope and think there will be an update that changes what topics are coming when. I and my friends played four straight rounds first, and did not meet a single sports issue or music question, but a lot of questions about art and literature. We first thought that this was only left out of the game, but discovered after rebooting the game that more categories appeared as they mentioned. The problem here is just that there were only questions from these categories until we closed the game and started it a third time. This proved to be a gangster. Needless to say, this does not have to be a problem as one can only restart the game after each round, but I would like to see that all categories could be included in each round.

The difficulty of the questions is such a fit, but there is no childhood play in this way. Although teenagers can answer many of the questions, I will categorize this into a typical "adult game" even without rough wording or offensive graphics.

Me and my friends are doing well with Knowledge is Power , and this will probably take place on several Taco Fridays in the future. Unfortunately, this is more due to the lack of alternatives. It can be a lot of fun in the future, and especially if there are any additional packages. Fortunately, we did not experience the same question twice during the two evenings we played this game, and it would be a great database with questions to choose from.